10Sep 2014
  • Hand Painted
  • Old wooden sign with Stan's Sign Design Logo
    Old wooden sign with Stan's Sign Design Logo

Stan’s Sign Design has been celebrating our 30 year anniversary all week.  As you can see our logo and signs have changed through the years and even our “specialty” has changed.  We started out as a hand-painting sign company until we finally bought our first vinyl lettering plotter.  Our specialty soon became banners.  As technology changed so did we.  We have bought large format printers and a flat bed printer over the years to make higher quality prints.  Our specialty today might be vehicle wraps but we still do banners, trade show signs and corporate events – just no hand painting anymore.  Our location has changed a few times over the years too.  We started out in Stan & Carolyn’s basement, to an upstairs office above Faerber’s Bee Window, to rented spaces in strip malls and finally to our current location – our own construction building.  We are always trying to update our technology and find the latest equipment for making higher quality signs and prints and do it faster and less expensively.  One thing that has never changed is that we are a family owned business and we still take pride in providing the best product and customer service.  We want to thank all our customers.  We know there are many sign companies you could have chosen and we appreciate entrusting us to do the very best for you and your company.

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